Adding Weather to Media Center

One of the few things lacking in Media Center has been an easy way to view your local weather without tuning in a news station. Since support for this is still left out in 7MC we have to turn to a plug-in to fill the gap.  Heatwave, originally developed by MCExtended on The Green Button, is an elegant solution to the problem providing an easy access and attractive interface for our weather viewing needs.

Heatwave Weather Display

Setting up Heatwave is also a snap.  You can find both the x86 and x64 versions of Heatwave for Windows7 Media Center for download, here(x86) and here(x64). These have had their install files modified to enable support for installation on Windows 7.  Once install is complete, Heatwave provides a user interface inside Media Center to setup your locations and other details.

Heatwave Start Menu

If your weather doesn’t immediately appear in your main menu you can find a link to the plug-in inside the Extras Library.  From the main screen you can click settings to edit your preferences including measurement displays, appearances and locations.  After saving your settings Heatwave should appear in your main menu unless you opted out of this option. (Note: when saving your settings a warning dialog appears, however settings do save correctly)

Heatwave Location Setup

That should be all there is to it, you should now have easy access to weather from your Media Center interface thanks to this wonderful little plug-in!


Richard said...

Anyone else experience problems installing on build 7000? The x86 MSI works fine for me in Vista, but crashes in Win7 build 7000.

MHealy said...

I've got it installed on an x64 Win7 build 7000 machine but dont have an x86 to test on at the moment. The only problem I had installing was that it didn't show up in the main menu until I saved the settings for the plugin inside Media Center by going to the Extras Library and accessing the app from there.

MHealy said...

I take that back there is a problem with certain installers on build 7000. I've posted a fix to get around crashing MSI installers right here that should help.

Richard said...

Tried to make the registry tweak, but I don't actually have that key in my registry. Weird.

MHealy said...

Do have a registry key for "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions" ?

I renamed the whole thing to "_DisabledSessions" but I also had the "MachineThrottling" string as well. Are you running just Windows 7 or perhaps as a virtual box or something?

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