Media Browser’s New Config App

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One of the fastest up and coming movie browser plug-ins for Windows 7 Media Center, Media Browser has recently gotten an exceptionally nice overhaul to it’s configuration interface. The newest beta ( includes a new application built on Windows Presentation Foundation that allows users to set up Media Browser from outside of Media Center.

New Media Browser Configuration

The little program includes the ability to set multiple watch folders and even assign images to the folders. This is quite an improvement over previous versions that only allowed users to set a single starting directory and left image handling up to Windows’ built-in folder.jpg usage. Unfortunately, at this point it doesn’t include support for edit your movie information such as images and other metadata. Hopefully this feature is being considered for future versions.

Aside from setting up your movie collection folders the configuration includes the ability to setup support for extenders using Transcode360. You are able to set whether or not Media Browser should use Transcode360 as well as what file formats are natively supported by your extender.

Media Browser Configure Extender

On top of this new program Media Browser Beta 9 also includes a number of fixes from previous versions. You can read the full release notes on the Media Browser site right here. Special thanks to Simon from The Digital Lifestyle for the heads up about the update.

Media Browser First Run

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