Using Network Shares in Libraries

icon Adding shared network drives to your Windows 7 Libraries can be easier said than done. Many attempts to add these directories through Windows Explorer result in an error message claiming it can’t be added du to not being indexed. What the heck does that mean? Well, it means you’ve got to get your other box to index those directories.

Can't Add Shared Folder

Windows 7 users will have this ability built-in but boxes using Windows Vista or XP may need to download Windows Search 4 before being able to index the directories properly. Once you’ve everything you need go to your control panel and make sure you’re in the view showing all available control panel items.

Locate “Indexing Options” and hit the “Modify” button at the bottom. Once you get to the location tree find and select all the folders you want indexed and accessible to other computer’s libraries. Once you’ve selected them all return to the main window and press “Advanced.” Once you’re inside the Advanced window press the “Rebuild” button to re-index all the files on your system. This can take quite a while to complete.

Windows Indexing Options

Once the index has been rebuilt you should be able to add your shared network locations to your Windows 7 Libraries. If you need help adding directories to your Library see this article for more direction. Remember, if you enjoy the articles on Hack7MC be sure to tell a friend or StubmleUpon It using the easy links below!


Anonymous said...

Great article,
but what about people with NAS libraries that don't run on Windows OS ? Like Synology NAS, I don't think there is a way to install Windows Search on those...

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