Add Channel Logos to 7MC with the latest My Channel Logos

logo Though we’ve looked at this handy program for adding channel logos to your Windows Media Center TV Guide when it was first released, it has undergone a number of improvements and increased support since it’s release. Since it’s initial offering, My Channel Logos has added the ability to detect affiliate stations such as those associated with ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Quite a few extra channel logos have been added for various countries, auto-populating logos has been optimized and support for Dish Network has been introduced as well.


To get rolling with My Channel Logos download the program from the website and install. This is also an improvement over previous version which didn’t include an installer. Once up and running, you’ll need to set the area your in from the “Edit > Preferences”. If you haven’t set up your tuner yet, you will need to do that as well prior to running My Channel Logos. Once set up the program practically runs itself.


Under most situations, hitting the Auto Populate Logos button will automatically assign logos to any stations it has logos for. This function has been improved over previous versions by checking for affiliate station information, allowing the program to detect the proper logos for those cryptic call-signs used by local stations. Assigning custom logos to any station is as easy as clicking the black box area and selecting an image of your choice.


This version of My Channel Logos even includes options to set the default location of channel logos in the guide via the preferences. Buttons on the right will also allow you to clear logos from any station or even remove all channel logos as before. Removing all channel logos should reset your TV guide setup back to it’s default state. There’s no need to save once a logo has been assigned as this is done automatically by the program.

Getting setup with My Channel Logos is one of the easiest and most rewarding hacks you can do to your Media Center. With added support and logos for a number of countries and fixes to the program itself this new version is even better than ever. Be sure to check out this program today and add that missing something to your Media Center TV Guide.

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Ryan said...

Worked like a charm! I the only one that thinks NBC's HD logo sucks?

MHealy said...

I don't mind it but I know a lot of people don't like the HD versions of some of the logos. On the MyChannelLogos site there's a guide to making your own logos that I've been wanting to try but haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ryan, we at MCL try to use the original, high quality logos. And for some reason, the NBC Logo that is available at the current time is really weird. Decent HD logos are particularly difficult to find. But this is definitely on our mind as we move forward.

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