Merge Multiple Part Videos into a Single MKV Format File

MKVToolnix Have a multipart video you’d like to merge into a single MKV file? MKVToolnix has just the tool for you! Using this handy little app you can pack those multipart AVIs, MP4s, even MKVs and more into a single MKV video file. Just choose the part and let it do it’s thing. MKVToolnix’s MKVMerge GUI takes what could be an otherwise painful task and makes it simple as can be.

To get started download and install the MKVToolnix program from the MKVToolnix website. This amazing little open source product comes in a variation for almost every platform. Once you’ve got it install run the MKVMerge GUI from the programs menu to open the merging program. The interface is simple for beginners but has enough features to satisfy most any user.

MKVMerge Interface

For the basic user, getting started is as simple as adding the separate parts of your video to the input files box using the “Add” button to the right. The file will be read by the program and display the track information below in the “Tracks” box. Separate video and audio tracks should appear for each part added to the input files. Currently, MKVMerge doesn’t support WMA audio however and can’t be merged. An error will appear in the tracks section if this occurs.

Add files to MKVMerge

From here just set the output filename in the input at the bottom of the dialog and press “Start Muxing” to begin the merge. No flash, no fuss, this is one of those apps that just works and that’s the best kind.

Set merged MKV file output

For more advanced users (or perhaps just more demanding) there are also options to include attachments, split files, set chapters and more. All for the same basic interface you have the ability to attach subtitle files and set chapters for your MKV files. There really isn’t much you can’t do with MKVMerge if you have the time or desire to do so.

Attach subtitles and more

Once the process has started merging the files into a new MKV file takes almost no time at all since re-encoding isn’t required to create the new file. This narrows the time spent converting videos down from hours to mere minutes, especially nice for those with larger collections need work. In a matter of minutes MKVMerge will spit out your fresh new MKV file.

Start Muxing MKV file

This really is one of the simplest programs available and the ability to simply remux videos into MKV as opposed to converting them frame by frame is a godsend. Time is precious, save yourself some time by using MKVMerge from MKVToolnix and you won’t regret it. Best of all it’s free!

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