Road to Nowhere Theme: Alternate Background Download

In order to increase the readability of certain screens in Media Center I’m releasing a patch to modify background used with the Road to Nowhere theme. This background adds a dark stripe to increase the contrast between the light text and the light areas of the background.

Road to Nowhere Alternate Background

This background will effect a number of areas in Media Center including the Music, Pictures and Videos sections as well as a number of other subsections of the main menu. The increase in readability should allow for somewhat easier use of these areas for those desiring to update.

Media Center Theme Road to Nowhere Alternate Background

Before installing this patch you must have the “Road to Nowhere” theme already installed. To install the patch simply download the zip file below and extract it to your “\Windows\ehome\” directory. Then right-click the patch exe and select “Run as Administrator”, when the patch dialog appears press “Start”. Once the patch completes that should be all there is to it.

Download: Road to Nowhere Alternative Background Patch

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