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At times installing codecs for all your music, movies and what have you seems to be 30% science, 70% voodoo. Fortunately, there is a way to double-check our brew to make sure it’s running the way we originally intended.

GraphStudio will allow you to load your media files and show you the codecs being used to render it. It will show your every DirectShow codec, filter and post-processor in-between you and your files. Best of all it’s free and available for download in both x86 and x64 versions on RadScorpion’s blog.

Monogram GraphStudio

Using GraphStudio is fairly straight forward for basic checking of your codec settings. Load your media files by going to the menu “File > Render Media File..” After a few moments you will receive a graph displaying all the processing your file is undergoing between execution and being rendered.

You are also able to adjust the properties of your codecs, simply right click on the codec you wish to adjust and select properties. If there are any properties that are able to be edited you can adjust and save them from this window. This properties window will also display the input and output variables before and after the selected codec which can be good for troubleshooting things such as audio channels.

Graphstudio FFDShow Settings

Through the basic controls on the menu strip you can even view the before and after results of your settings changes. This gives you the perfect opportunity to fine tune your codec’s settings until you get the best picture and audio results for your setup.

Graphstudio Play Controls

Unfortunately, as of this point GraphStudio doesn’t add an easy way to edit which codecs are used for your media files, just the properties of the currently assigned codecs. Though you can edit filter merits through the “Filters > Manage Favorites” dialog it’s certainly not convenient or intuitive. Other programs like Filter Manager offer a much better interface for editing which codecs are loaded for each file type and will be covered in future articles.

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