Installer Crashing in Windows7 Beta 1 (build 7000)

As a follow-up to a comment placed ealier in the "Adding Weather to Media Center" article I realized there is a bug I forgot to mention in the previous posting. This will undoubtedly only apply to the Beta builds of Windows 7 though it's something we need to work around until a fix is released. It seems that certain MSI files simply won't work in Win7 and cause an immediate crash due to a registry string. Thanks to the MSFN forums and Shark007, who develops a Windows 7 Codec Pack, we have a temporary fix. To solve the issue with crashing MSI installers follow the simple directions below to edit the offending registry key:

  1. Open regedit through the start menu in admin mode by typing regedit into the box at the bottom and pressing ctrl-shift-enter
  2. navigate to "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions" and find the entry titled "MachineThrottling"
  3. Rename this entry to something else, such as "_MachineThrottling"

That should solve the problem with installers crashing on build 7000 Beta.

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