Convert WTV Files to DVRMS

WTV is the new file type created by Media Center for recorded television shows. The problem with this file format is that it isn’t compatible with older commercial removal tools. It’s also incompatible with DVRMSToolbox, which can be used to convert DVRMS files into other formats such as Mpeg or AVI.

The first step to converting WTV files is to download ToDVRMS, a tool that will convert the files to the older DVRMS format. This is a free tool provided by Andy VT. The file will include both a command line version as well as a GUI version. Extract the zip file to your hard disk and run “todvrmsgui.exe”.


The next step is simple, just double-click the in file dialog box to select the original WTV file you want to convert. Then do the same for the output file, choosing a file name to save the DVRMS file as. The program also gives you the ability to assign some basic metadata to the output file as well, such as title and date. Once the input and output files are set press “Go” to start the conversion.

ToDVRMS File Input Output

A command windows will open during processing. Unfortunately, at present, there is no percentage complete display in the command window. Luckily, however, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to do the conversion.

ToDVRMS Converted Files

That’s all there is to converting those WTV files to something more easily manageable. Andy VT’s Blog also has tools such as DVRMSToolbox which can be used to convert DVRMS files to other formats such as MPEG and AVI.

For more on DVRMS and removing commercials from recorded TV shows read this article!


Andres said...

I tried this and could never get ToDVRMS to work. The command window would flash up and just disappear. Is there any type of logging that could help diagnose the issue.

I am trying to convert shows that I recorded using my HDHomerun Tuner in Windows 7.

MHealy said...

I had the same issues whenever trying to use the allstreams or verbose options but when they were unchecked it ran fine. There is a debug option in the gui but im not sure where the debug info is located. I'll look into it and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Every time I try to convert a file, I end up with a 74K file

MHealy said...

I'm not sure why that would be happening. What settings are you using when running the program? How long does the command window stay open?

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