Removing Commercials from WTV Files

dvrms Presently there is no program to automatically remove commercials from Windows 7 Media Center recorded TV files. With a little bit of manual work though we can get rid of those pesky commercials though. The first step is to convert the WTV files to DVRMS using this guide.

Once you’ve got a DVRMS file it’s much easier to scan and remove commercials from the file using DVRMSToolbox. First, download and install DVRMSToolbox.  Once installed, open DVRMSToolbox’s DVRMStoMPEGGUI from the programs menu. The GUI tool has a very simple interface.


Just like in ToDVRMS’s GUI double-click the Input file dialog box to select the input DVRMS file. Do the same with the output box, naming your new DVRMS file to save. Keeping the DVRMS file format is the simplest solution, allowing the shows to appear under Recorded TV in Media Center.

dvrmstoolbox convert file to

Next you will need to select a profile from the dropbox to process the file with. Selecting the “Cut commercials out of a DVR-MS file and output DVR-MS” will output a DVRMS file minus the commercials. As you can see there are also a large number of other profile options to suit any needs you might have. At the time of this article, I couldn’t get the DVRMS to transcode to MPEG successfully in Windows 7 however.

dvrmstoolbox profile selection

Once the correct profile has been selected press the “Run” button and DVRMSToolbox should proceed to scan for commercials and then re-mux the DVRMS file outputting a commercial free version of the recording. All the tools used are available for free from Andy VT’s Blog including DVRMSToolbox, the newest version.

That’s all there is to it! It’s not quite as simple as we would all like it to be but there will likely be improvements over time and probably even automatic commercial removal in the future.

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