Download Theme: “Homeworld”

The new theme for Windows7 Media Center based on the Homeworld background by Phil2001 of DeviantArt is now available for download.

Homeworld Theme


  1. Download and install Homeworld.msi
  2. Close Media Center and wait 45-60 seconds for the system files to be released
  3. Run the Enable Homeworld Theme shortcut as administrator (right click and select “Run as Administrator”)
  4. When the patch dialog appears press start. If you receive an error it is likely the system files haven’t been released yet, wait 60 seconds and try again.
  5. If the patch fails consistently, open Windows Explorer and navigate to "C:\Windows\ehome" and locate "ehres.dll". Right-click and select "Take Ownership" then retry the patch.
  6. Once the patch is applied successfully close the patch program
  7. Restart Media Center


  1. Close Media Center and wait 45-60 for the system files to be released
  2. Run the Disable Homeworld Theme shortcut as administrator (right click and select “Run as Administrator”)
  3. Optionally you can permanently remove the program files through the windows control panel but you must do step #2 first or the theme will not be reset.
  4. Restart Media Center

In the case of epic failure open Windows Explorer and go to “C:\Windows\ehome” select “ehres.dll” and rename it “ehres.dll.bak”. Find “ehres.dll.original” and rename it “ehres.dll”

This download is provided as a public beta release. It has been tested to work on both x86 and x64 Windows7 Beta1 Build 7000. There is a very real chance that something will go wrong with this install version for at least one person who downloads it. If you need help leave a note in the comments below this post (No Registration Required).

DOWNLOAD: Homeworld Theme 1.0.1


Nick said...

Thanks for this, but I cant get it to install. I get a "cannot overwrite" error. I am running as an Administrator and have waited an hour+ for files to be released. Any idea's



p.s. im running x86 win7b1

MHealy said...

Try this: Go to "\Windows\ehome" and find "ehres.dll" then right-click and select "Take Ownership". Next, right-click "ehres.dll" and select properties. Make sure that the file is't mark as "Read Only" at the bottom. Then there should be a file named "Homeworld_7MC.exe", right-click and run it as an administrator.

If that doesn't work try copying both "ehres.dll" and "Homeworld_7MC.exe" to another folder then repeat the steps. If that works then replace the "ehres.dll" in the "/Windows/ehome" directory.

Let me know if none of that works for you.

Nick said...

Yep, that worked a treat!


Anonymous said...

ran this on Vist 64 bit and worked a charm thanks m8.

Solo said...

Hi Mhealy,
Thanks so much for the theme. I followed your instructions but i couln't intalled i, then i followed the other instructions and it works great.
thanks a lot.
great work...


MHealy said...

Thanks for letting me know. I think I've found the problem and I'm updating the installers for both themes that have been released so far. The only update to the themes is a fix for the installers.

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