10 Steps to a Better Media Center

10 Steps to a Better Media Center

Setting up your Windows 7 Media Center is easy, making it your own can be easy too. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to make your Media Center experience more complete, more personal, more enjoyable.

  1. Add ClearQAM to Your TV Listings
  2. Add Custom Apps to Your Extras Library
  3. Do It Better – Add Apps with Custom Icons and Details
  4. Add MKVs to Your Movie Library
  5. Use A Better Movie Library – Media Browser
  6. Expand Your Sound from Stereo to Surround
  7. Play Your Music in FLAC
  8. Check Your Local Weather
  9. Listen To Online Radio through Shoutcast
  10. Add Boxee Streaming TV to Your Media Center

These 10 simple hacks will create a better Media Center for you and your family to enjoy. Don’t forget to check back to Hack7MC to get the latest hacks for your Windows 7 Media Center.

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Jason said...

Do all 10 of these tips work on extenders?

MHealy said...

No, unfortunately, many of these tips won't work on extenders. I will post a list of tips that do work on extenders shortly though.

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