Encoding Info Inside Media Browser

Thanks to Simon at The Digital Lifestyle for this tip on not only checking what encoding your video files are using but also adding that information to Media Browser as well. Unfortunately, Media Browser doesn’t let you sort out your HD from your SD videos but at least you will be able to tell which is which from inside Media Center.

Media Browser Encoding Information

Getting this hack going is simple. First go to Media Info and download the proper version of the program for your Windows. There is a version available for both x86 and x64 systems, make sure to get the correct version. If the wrong version is used for this Media Browser will suffer from frequent crashes. Sadly, the x64 version doesn’t include a GUI for use in Windows but the x86 version will serve that purpose just fine.

To install the media info to work with Media Browser get either the GUI version (if on x86) or the dll version zip (comes in both x86 and x64). If using the zip: open the zip file and extract “mediainfo.dll” to the “/Windows/system32/” directory. For the GUI version: install the program then locate the “mediainfo.dll” in the programs folder and copy it to the “/Windows/system32/” directory.

That’s all there is to it. Open up Media Center and go into Media Browser. You should now see the extra video information including resolution, format and codecs.

Media Browser Encoding Information Details View

As an added bonus (actually intended purpose of Media Info) installing the GUI allows you to check the encoding of your various video files from windows. Using the Media Info program is fairly straight forward. Simply open the program and select the file to get information from after setting a few preferences on the first run.

HD Video File Encoding Information

More on that perhaps in another article. For now enjoy your new Media Browser functionality and be sure to tune into the Hack7MC RSS Feed or Follow on Twitter.

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