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Have you seen the guides on creating your own themes for Windows 7 Media Center? You can check them out here: Changing your Background and Making a Complete Theme.

Want to get started in creating your own themes and having them used by Media Center fans all over the world, earning you a good bit of pride and fame? Now’s your chance!

Unfinished Theme

Use the guides to create your own Media Center themes then zip them up and send them to The best entries will be featured on Hack7MC each week and all entries will be eligible for a new project to be announced soon!

There is also the very good possibility of prizes being awarded to the best entries with more details on that to come in the near future.

If you need help with your theme or submission use the comments section below or send an email to


Anonymous said...

How are the contributions coming along?

MHealy said...

There are a couple of nice ones so far. Soon there should be a way to upload themes directly instead of having to email them as attachments.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making the themes I really like them. Espacally the one posted in this picture with the kid in front. When will that one be available?


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