Sharing Recorded TV Between PCs

Direct from Josh at MN Maven, comes this tip on sharing your recorded episodes between different PCs on your network. This will even work inside Windows Media Player, letting you watch your recorded TV shows while getting a little work done at the same time.

Windows Media Player Recorded TV

This requires that the receiving pc be running Windows 7 (the Media Center should also be running Windows 7 or TV Pack 2008). The first step is to share the folder you record to on the Media Center machine. Typically this is the “Public\Recorded TV” folder which would be shared by default.

If the folder isn’t shared, locate the folder, right-click and select properties. Select the Sharing tab and press Advanced Sharing. Select the “Share this folder” checkbox and assign a name. Before pressing OK be sure that “Everyone” is listed under Permissions. If not, add it now by pressing Add and typing Everyone into the objects box at the bottom.

Windows7 Share Folder

Once the folder has been shared, you need to add the folder to the library on the receiving computer. This can be done either in Windows Media Player or Media Center.

To add the folder to Recorded TV in WMP, make sure Recorded TV is listed. If it isn’t right-click in the left pane and select Customize Navigation Pane then make sure Recorded TV is selected.

In Media Center select Recorded TV from the start menu then bring up the right-click menu. From the menu select “Manage Libraries” then choose the option to add a folder. Select the option to add a folder from another computer then locate the folder on the next screen. Once you’ve done that let Media Center finish setting up the library.

Media Center Manage Libraries

That’s all there is to it. Though this doesn’t add the ability to watch live TV from the Media Center as is possible with non-PC extenders this is one step closer. At least now we can share our recorded shows between full HTPC machines or even just watch that show from last night while we work.

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