Windows 7 Media Center SDK Available

Care of The Digital Lifestyle we have news that the Software Development Kit for Windows 7 Media Center has finally been released for download from Microsoft. The package had previously only been available to a select group of people through Microsoft Connect.

Windows7 Media Center SDK

Now available for download to everyone to get started follow this link to get the new Windows 7 Media Center SDK 6.0:

You’ll also need a copy of Visual C# Express Edition if you don’t already have a copy of Visual Studio or Visual C#. Visual C# Express Edition can be downloaded for free from

Add Hack7MC to! For those not into designing your own Media Center plug-ins, don’t worry, this means we’ll begin to see what is possible in Media Center. New plug-ins should begin to pop up shortly. Keep checking Hack7MC and you’ll be sure to know when they hit.

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