Keeping Tabs with Media Center Health Monitor

logo Sometimes when Media Center has a problem we don’t even know until it’s too late. Missed recordings, stopped services, tuners gone bad, these things can all wreak havoc on an otherwise Zen-like Media Center experience. Fortunately, Ian Dixon of The Digital Lifestyle comes to the rescue with an app that will monitor your Media Center for problems and notify you as soon as something goes wrong.


Media Center Health Monitor stays on top of both problems and successes notifying you in a number of ways. The program monitors your scheduled recordings for problems letting you know whether the latest show has recorded successfully or failed for whatever reason. Even better Media Center Health Monitor will monitor Media Center’s Recording and Scheduling services for trouble alerting you to potential problems before they happen.


How does Media Center Health Monitor keep you up to date with your Media Center’s issues? Let me count the ways. One of the best in my opinion is the ability to setup the program to use a Twitter account to send tweets with any problems or successful recordings. It’s the perfect solution for those already on Twitter to receive immediate updates from your Media Center.

Other options include the ability to receive updates via an RSS feed from the Media Center Health Monitor website. The Media Center Health Monitor website itself also provides another option for remote viewing the current status of Media Center as well as any problems that may have occurred recently. If all those options aren’t enough, or maybe you just like to kick it old school, you can even have the program send you a good old fashioned e-mail.

However you use it, Media Center Health Monitor is sure to be an indispensible application for anyone running a Media Center. Even more so for those who have family members running Media Centers who always seem to call you when something breaks. Prevention is the best medicine and Media Center Health Monitor will let you know at the first sign of trouble.

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