Media Center Status Application for Social Networks

Media Center Status Application Logo Are you the type of person who likes to keep everyone you know in the loop about exactly what you’re watching or listening to at any given point? Then this little plug-in may just be for you! With support for Facebook, and now Twitter, this little app will alert the masses to your viewing habits. The newest version also allows you to receive the latest Tweets from your Twitter friends.

Getting setup with Media Center Status Application isn’t too difficult, though it certainly could be easier. The program’s installation and configuration tools come in separate packages which can confuse many from the beginning. You will also need to approve the application through Facebook before it will be able to access the service.

Detailed instructions on setting Facebook to allow status updates from Media Center Status Application are available on this page where you will also find the files for download. Once installation is finished, run the configuration tool which must be downloaded in a separate zip file on the same page. The number of options available is actually quite impressive for such a simple application.

Media Center Status Application Configuration

Among the options available are the ability to enable or disable certain services and even set separate hours that you’d like status updates to be made. You’ll also notice the ability to setup an rss feed, however at this point it’s saved locally instead of using a service such as Feedburner. The configuration program even includes the ability to exclude types of content and exclude files by name.

Once setup, return to Media Center and you will be prompted to enter your login information for each service. Be certain that you’ve followed directions to enable status updates for Facebook or an error will occur. Twitter is a fair bit less fickle in it’s use.

Media Center Status Application Facebook Login

That’s all there is to it,  your friends will never again wonder what it is you’re watching at this very moment. Installing Media Center Status Application cannot, however, make them want to know what you’re watching. I can also easily imagine receiving Twitter updates during your favorite movie can becoming quite tiresome very quickly.

Media Center Status Application Twitter Updates

This program might have one of the ugliest logos I have ever seen but I’m sure there are those who wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, configuration tool or at the very least should have been included in a settings section within Media Center in my opinion. For those who need a program like this though Media Center Status Application is a good tool which serves it’s purpose well.

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Jussi said...

Thanks for the constructive review, I'll put my developers hat on and see how to implement the good suggestions you had. :)

MHealy said...

It is a really nice plug-in and it was lots of fun to play with. I was a little confused about the configuration tool that was mentioned on your blog though when it didn't come in the plug-in package. Other than that it is a pretty cool little plug-in.

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